Eisenberg, A. (2011) Making Science leap from the Page, New York Times, December 17

At last: an e-book designed to exploit digitality! This is a report of a new biology textbook published by Macmillan, the publishers of the ‘august journal’ Nature. It is available only online, sells for $49 for permanent ownership, and includes audio and video clips, short quizzes, dynamic graphics and other forms of interaction for the learner. (I wonder if it allows for online annotation using tools such as Highlighter?). It is designed to run on any digital device. The book though does not appear to be available yet (for the latest, go to: http://www.nature.com/nature_education/interactive_textbooks).I’ve requested a copy for a full review on this web site.

The New York Times article also discusses two digital books for mathematics, one based on Wolfram Alpha/Mathematica and one on calculus.



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