[Note: there was a similar post on this site on January 6. The post was accidentally destroyed during site maintenance. This replaces it.]

Business Standard (2014) Pakistani Punjab to launch e-learning platform, Lahore, Pakistan, January 5

The provincial government of the Punjab, Pakistan, though its Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), this week launched an open content web site, eLearn Punjab, featuring free, online digitized versions of science subject text books initially for 9th and 10th grades, along with links to a range of supplementary material available over the Web. On launch, the site contains 8 textbooks, 1,744 videos (mainly but not solely Powerpoints with voice over), 369 simulations, 476 animations, 797 graphics and 944 assessments. Staff at PITB have scoured the world for these resources, many of which are in English, but also some in Punjabi (I’m assuming, as I don’t speak the language).


Welcome to the future. We will see more and more sites of this kind, as school boards and, more slowly, post-secondary education systems, look to use open content to reduce costs to students and increase the resources available to both instructors and students.

Well done, Pakistani Punjab – you are ahead of most of the world with this initiative.



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