Mark Nichols, until recently at the U.K. Open University but who has now returned to New Zealand, has started a new podcast series called ‘Leaders and Legends of Online Learning’.

The first four are as follows:

  • Antonio Teixeira, Universidade Aberta (the Portuguese Open University)
  • Alan Tait, UK Open University
  • Tannis Morgan, BCcampus and Justice Institute of British Columbia
  • myself.

The aim is to have a mix of new or emerging online leaders and some of the more hard-bitten old timers reflect on the development of online learning, needed research, and current trends.

I’m a great fan of podcasts. Long enough to be really informative and short enough to be manageable; and available at any time. Each podcast is about 20 minutes which means you can combine it with the drive to work, or a hot bath, instead of listening to the world going to hell in a hand basket on the radio news. 

I think the plan is to add one a month. I’m sure Mark would be open to suggestions for speakers, especially ways to add some diversity to them.

Contact Mark at


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