Recognise it?

Nice little trivia question for you. 

The answer: it could well be Université Laval, in Québec City. If you don’t read Lefil, Université Laval’s newspaper for the university community, you will have missed the announcement that for the fall semester, it is offering more than 1,000 courses online (1,016 to be precise) with over 20,000 students taking at least one course online (out of a total population of roughly 43,000 students – so almost half).

The nearest competitor is probably Athabasca University, which, according to its web site, offers over 850 courses to just under 40,000 students (all of whom by definition will be taking at least one online course). However, the online course load per student is higher at Laval, which means Laval and Athabasca are probably neck and neck regarding the total number of online course registrations.

Given that Laval is a francophone university, and that there is also a fully online francophone university in Québec (Téluq), this is quite a remarkable achievement.

Now all the Rouge et Or have to do is beat Western University’s Mustangs in the Vanier Cup this weekend and their bragging rights will be complete. 


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