Last Tuesday I gave the third of six Contact North webinars based on my book, ‘Teaching in a Digital Age.’ These webinars are somewhat different to webinars with similar titles given in previous years as they are more participatory, drawing on the knowledge and experience of participants to discuss some of the issues in media selection. I was very gratified by the quality of the participants who included several very experienced online developers, instructors and researchers, and as a result the quality of the discussion (via the chat function) was very good.

You can access a recording of the whole webinar, including the comments and questions from participants, by clicking on the title: Choosing a technology that makes a difference to learning – getting beyond the hype 

Recordings are also available of the first two webinars on the following topics (click on the title): 

Anyone can access the recordings but you will have to log in by giving your email so Contact North can collect the information on how many people are accessing the recording. The recordings are available even though registration is now closed. Allow a few seconds though for Adobe Connect to boot up and if you don’t already have their app you may need to download it.

The last two webinars in the series (click on the titles to go to the registration page) are:

At the time of writing there are still a few available places for these last two webinars, which will discuss these two topics from the second edition of the book, for the first time.


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