Just a reminder that the Learning and Training Conference 2020 is still accepting registrations (click on the above image for more details).

Although, together with Stella Lee, I am doing the wrap-up session on Wednesday, December 9, there are many excellent sessions, all available online, on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, starting at 10.00 am and ending at 6.05 pm Eastern time.

Note though a late timetable change: our presentation on Wednesday is now at 4:35pm to 5:35pm EST 


The proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” has never rung truer. With the global pandemic crisis, both our professional and personal lives have changed dramatically during most of 2020, and it will continue to change in the foreseeable future. This unusual time has pushed organizations and individuals to do many things we haven’t had time to try or didn’t want to do before – running large meetings on Zoom, managing and motivating remote teams, adapting different learning components to various online delivery modes, scaling up our technology infrastructure, reshuffling job roles, upskilling and reconfiguring the ways we collaborate. With challenges come opportunities: in this presentation, we will discuss how L&D can step up, innovate, re-evaluate priorities, impact change for a better learning experience in order to support learning and business more thoroughly.


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