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  1. Tony Bates
    November 13, 2012 - 3:37 pm

    Hi Tony

    And don’t forget everything that came before that … the Australian Schools of the Air, for example:

    Deborah Veness
    Senior Educational Developer
    Australian National University

  2. Muvaffak GOZAYDIN
    November 14, 2012 - 3:15 am

    Hi Tony
    Well we are the veterans now .
    My daughter graduated from Babson College in 1995 and I was assigned as a member of the European Executive Board of Babson College in 1996 . Immediately I had recommended that Babson should have an online MBA program. Since internet was not available everywhere, so even I suggested to have all lectures and data on CD–ROMs. and distribute all over the world .
    In 1997 I had the first grade 9 Physics course content developed by experts in Turkey .
    Now we collect the fruits. 16 million K12 students in Turkey are
    Getting a tablet
    Getting contents for every grade and course
    Getting etextbooks
    All free . Turkey is a lab now .
    100,000 tablets already distributed . We have already 7-8 grade students as hackers .
    Now we have wonderful MOOCs ( well there are someting missing but still ok )
    Even better ANTIOCH University providing credits toward a degree for MOOcs courses .

    I wish more colleges do the same .
    For 17 years I had great hopes from ONLINE.
    Now I am very happy from cradle to grave people use online and benefit from it .
    Contents will be better every day by better instructional designs and new tools .

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