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  2. Iain
    September 19, 2013 - 8:08 am

    Actually there has been quite a lot of work on this topic and lots of experimentation with new campus buildings, particularly in the the UK where JISC published a booklet with some examples of some attempts to re-imagine teaching and learning spaces in 2007.

    Some of this has been followed up on in more recent projects, but you are right about financial constraints. There are also some issues in many institutions with who has the power to make determinations about the configuration of buildings and rooms and often it is not the pedagogical innovators!

  3. Simon Bates
    September 19, 2013 - 10:15 am


    Great post, thanks. I couldn’t make the same meeting, but heard back from others who were there.

    Regarding your questions, in a previous life, I worked quite a bit on designing new spaces at the University of Edinburgh. In particular, who was involved in the redesign, we found a very productive triumvirate by combining the following groups in the conception, design and implementation:

    1. Instructors who were interested in using (this) new spaces, for academic and pedagogical input
    2. Learning technology people, for technology and pedagogical input
    3. Buildings and ops people, for technology and infrastructure input.

    Some of this got written up as a case study of a JISC funded project:

    The three-way input really was critical to the designs that we ended up with. Maybe that’s why we got three-cornered ‘plectrum’-style tables?

  4. Linda Harasim
    October 22, 2013 - 2:11 am

    Hi Tony,

    Yes the topic of architecture and interior design is of huge interest, not surprisingly to makers of office furniture as well. Around 2004-6 I was a member of the NEW WOW (New Ways of Working) that held regular high-level 2 day meetings around Silicon Valley for their members from various industries: Steelcase and other office furniture companies, the US government office procurers, the Calgary whiteboard guy, Stanford U profs, start ups, etc.etc.

    There was a lot of brainstorming about the offices of the future, often hilarious scenarios proposed by guys when imagining walls, ceilings and floors that would be computer and videoconferencing screens.

    Some things never change! :)

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