Although focused on the school/k-20 sector, eSchool News has developed a resource site of articles on how schools are addressing the issue of the ‘new’ skills required in today’s society.

Extract from eSchool News:

‘You’ve heard of the 3Rs, but what about the 5Cs such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, communications, collaboration and cross-cultural relationship building? Beginning in 2012, “tech literacy” will be added to our Nation’s Report Card. This means student proficiency in the application of technology will be measured for the first time. It isn’t just layering technology over traditional core competencies, though. It’s about totally integrating the two for success in an increasingly competitive world…..

To help you prepare, eSchool News has compiled an extensive resource library that addresses all these issues and provides first-hand experience from educators who have successfully met the challenges. We invite you to access this free Educator Resource Center right now to find out how your students and teachers can pass the test on “21st Century Skills.’


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