The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is an organization with a mission to

‘Serve as a catalyst to position 21st century skills at the center of US K-12 education by building collaborative partnerships among education, business, community and government leaders.’

Although focused on the k-12 sector, it has resources that are also likely to be of interest to post-secondary educators.

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills was formed in 2002 through the efforts of the following entities and individuals:


  • U.S. Department of Education

Founding Organizations:

  • AOL Time Warner Foundation
  • Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Cable in the Classroom
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Dell Computer Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • National Education Association
  • SAP


  • Ken Kay, President and Co-Founder
  • Diny Golder-Dardis, Special Advisor and Co-Founder

Its web site provides a useful framework for 21st century learning.

‘The framework presents a holistic view of 21st century teaching and learning that combines a discrete focus on 21st century student outcomes (a blending of specific skills, content knowledge, expertise and literacies) with innovative support systems to help students master the multi-dimensional abilities required of them in the 21st century.’


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