Agee, A. et al. (2009) Top-Ten IT Issues, 2009 Educause Review, Vol. 44, No. 3

Based on a survey of 554 (responding) EDUCAUSE members, mainly CIOs.

The list in order of most pressing issues:

1. Funding IT

2. Administrative/ERP Information Systems

3. Security

4. Infrastructure/Cyberinfrastructure

5. Teaching and Learning with Technology

6. Identity/Access Management

7. Governance, Organization, and Leadership

8. Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

9. Agility, Adaptability, and Responsiveness

10. Learning Management Systems

Although the list is not surprising, still worth reading if you want to know what challenges US universities and colleges are facing in IT management. It is worth reading the analysis of trends over the last 10 years and I strongly recommend that you read not just the article, but the complete results, as I did not always agree with the authors’ analysis of results – more a matter of emphasis than disputing the conclusions.

The EDUCAUSE 2009 Current Issues website ( offers complete results of the 2009 Current Issues Survey, along with the following resources:

  • Recommended readings for each of the top-ten issues
  • Links to EDUCAUSE resources for each of the top-ten issues
  • HTML and PDF links to this EDUCAUSE Review article
  • Tables with detailed demographic survey results


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