As usual, George Siemen’s blog is being provocative in his November 10, 2009 posting: Futue of learning: LMS or SNS, in which he argues that Facebook is the model for education in the future, not Moodle. The discussion following his blog is also worth following.

My only comments on his blog:

1. Why does it have to be either/or? An argument can be made for a tool for managing content, as well as giving learners tools to build networks and connections. For instance, I’m using a content management system (WordPress) which I find very helpful for structuring and organizing information, so I can find stuff easily, fitting my requirements (not Google’s). The same would apply to teachers (and students) using LMSs.

2. It doesn’t matter what tools are provided if teachers don’t have a suitable philosophy of teaching to exploit fully the tools. An instructor well versed in constructivism can teach in a learner-centred way with an LMS such as Moodle, but a teacher with only a transmissive model of teaching will be lost with Facebook. So without a suitable understanding of pedagogy, it doesn’t really matter what tools you use.


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