JISC (2009) Managing curriculum change Bristol UK: JISC

Another interesting publication from the UK’s Joint Information Steering Committee .

This is a short (6 page) well-illustrated document.From the website:

Managing Curriculum Change introduces two major JISC programmes of research commencing in 2008 that investigate how the use of technology can help make curriculum design processes more agile and responsive and the experience of learning more engaging, inclusive and rewarding.

Managing Curriculum Change gives an overview of the aims of these two programmes alongside a vision for the enhancement of the curriculum design and delivery lifecycle through technology.  The publication introduces the projects involved in the programmes and illustrates through a combination of text and graphics what might be achieved at different stages in the curriculum lifecycle, with a focus on who needs to be involved to enable institutional aspirations to become a reality.

Curriculum design and delivery are two sides of a coin. Managing Curriculum Change charts the interrelationship between the two and highlights the emerging key messages from these innovative programmes of work.


Essential reading for all instructional designers, program managers (such as heads of department) and institutional planners (such as VPs Academic).

JISC is a central, national resource that is well-funded by the UK government’s Higher Education Funding Council, with a special focus on e-learning research, conducted by the UK’s universities through a competitive bidding process. The results are nationally co-ordinated and distributed through JISC’s ‘open’ web site.

But why, oh, why is there no similar research body for e-learning in Canada? Where are you on this, the Canadian Council on Learning or Industry Canada? Missing in action.

Thanks to Richard Elliott’s eLearning Watch for directing this to me.


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