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Oh, dear, more reading! The latest edition of the journal, Distance Education, the official journal of the Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia, is now available.

This one is also difficult to review as it is not a theme based issue, although some common factors emerge across some of the articles.

However, it’s worth getting just for Jon Baggaley’s hilarious article on ‘Flexible  Learning: A Luddite View’. In this article the case for ‘inflexible learning’ is strongly made. If you don’t get irony, don’t read it, but it’s probably the funniest article you’ll ever read in a serious academic journal. And like all good jokes, there’s a serious message inside.

Som Naidu, the editor, provides a useful overview of the articles in the editorial. The main themes are

  • assessment of learning,
  • learner engagement,
  • adventure learning,
  • cultural guides


Miller, C. (2011) Aesthetics and e-assessment: the interplay of emotional design and learner performance

Koseoglu, S. and Doering, A. (2011) Understanding complex ecologies: an investigation of student experiences in adventure learning programs

Stewart, A., Harlo, D. and DeBacco, K. (2011) Students’ experience of synchronous learning in distributed environments

Wade, C., Cameron, B., Morgan, K. and Williams, K. (2011) Are interpersonal relationships necessary for developing trust in online group projects?

Murphy, L., Shelley, M., White, C., and Baumann, U (2011) Tutor and student perceptions of what makes an effective distance language teacher

Baran, E., Correia, A-P., and Thompson, A. (2011) Transforming online teaching practice: critical analysis of the literature on the role and competencies of online teachers

Zawacki-Richter, O. and Anderson, T. (2011) The geography of distance education – bibliographic characteristics of a journal network

Baggaley, J. (2011) Flexible learning: a Luddite view

Again, when I’ve had a chance to read the articles more closely, I’ll try and comment on them in more detail.



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