This is obviously my week for reading journals!

Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology / Revue canadienne de l’apprentissage et de la technologie, Vol 37, No 3 (2011)


The Impact of a Collaborative Wiki Assignment on Teaching and Learning in a Teacher Education Program
Vanessa Joy Bravo, Michael F Young

Debate as a Teaching Strategy in Online Education: A Case Study
Caroline Park, Cheryl Kier, Kam Jugdev

Technology Integration Preparedness and its Influence on Teacher-Efficacy
Coleen Moore-Hayes

When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It: Teaching Social Work Practice Using Blended Learning
Catherine de Boer, Sandra Loucks Campbell, Angela Hovey

An Extended Systematic Review of Canadian Policy Documents on e-Learning: What We’re Doing and Not Doing
Eugene Borokhovski, Robert Bernard, Erin Mills, Philip C Abrami, C Anne Wade, Rana Tamim, Edward Bethel, Gretchen Lowerison, David Pickup, Michael A Surkes

Épreuves informatisées des indicateurs des savoirs essentiels en lecture pour élèves francophones au début du primaire (INDISSE)
Lise Saint-Laurent, Jocelyne Giasson

Again, I will select and review at least one of these articles (e.g. the review of Canadian policy documents on e-learning) at a later date.


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