Russell, J. (2012) India’s tablet space heats up as $140 educational device set for launch TNW India, January 3

EE Times India (2012) Classpad – a new education tablet, EE Times India, January 4

Another company has introduced a tablet designed specifically for the education market, marketing at $140, and running on Android 2.2. Although more expensive than the Aakash, Classpad is specifically designed for use in schools.

Rohit Pande, the CEO of Classpad claims:

the software installed in Classpad tests students’ problem solving, creativity and application of language skills. It provides them with personalized teaching as per their learning capabilities. Equipped with artificial intelligence, Classpad can help to categorise students as fast learners, average learners and slow learners. Classpad can assist in reducing the monotony of repetitive sessions in the classroom. Teachers can now complete their syllabus within schedule and get considerable time to focus on slow learners.

Thanks to Ingrid Wagemans for directing me to this development.


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