Image: Chemistry 112- Chapters 12-17 of OpenStax General Chemistry

BCcampus has just announced that it has added its own collection of open textbooks to the Pressbooks Directory.

This directory provides an index of thousands of books published across dozens of Pressbooks networks around the world. Books can be searched by keywords, subject matter, license, language, and more. The search and indexing facility is excellent.

There are about 60 French language books listed, a tiny number of books in Spanish, and one in Hindi. 

My book, Teaching in a Digital Age, both editions, is listed in English, but not the 10 translations (yet – I’m working on it).

The Pressbooks Directory is a really important step in making access to open textbooks easy and relatively comprehensive, but I hope there will be equal efforts made to make open textbooks easily available in other languages besides English. (If you know of similar comprehensive sites in other languages, please let me know). In the meantime let’s give a big hand to BCcampus and Pressbooks.

For more information see:


  1. Hi Tony, I’m thrilled to see this and agree that more visibility of non English collections are important. It’s not comprehensive but I’ve curated a collection of OER in other languages over on this site: Some notable collections I’ve found (not necessarily using Pressbooks) are a Polish collection of K-12 textbooks ; Norwegian open curriculum ; a Finnish math textbook collection ; and from Brazil, a collection of open micro courses for continuing professional health education for Brazil


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