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South Koreans extensive users of e-learning

  Sang Yoon Shin (2011) Smart Education in Korea: South Korea’s Making the Switch to Digital Textbooks Advanced Technology Korea, October 10 Anon (2012) Over half South...

Book review: Quality assurance in distance education and e-learning

Jung, I. and Latchem, C. (2012) Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Distance Education and e-Learning New York/London: Routledge What the book is about 'There is relatively...

Key points from OECD’s 2011 ‘Education at a Glance’

OECD (2011) Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators Paris: OECD For those of you interested in educational statistics (and for masochists in general), here's your...

Interpreting international comparisons in academic achievement

OECD (2010) OECD Program for International Assessment Paris: OECD The media, worldwide, have been having a field day interpreting the latest OECD PISA results, which...

Eleven countries with ‘good practice’ in e-learning

Trucano, M. (2010) ICT & Education: Eleven Countries to Watch -- and Learn From EduTech, January 29 EduTech is a World Bank Blog on ICT...

JISC analysis of global activity in e-learning in higher education

MindSet Research (2009) Understanding Global Activity in Higher Education and Research: Primary, desk and web-based research Bristol UK: JISC This study was commissioned by the...