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EDEN Research Workshop, October, 2016

What: Forging New Pathways of research and innovation in open and distance learning: reaching from the roots The Ninth EDEN Research Workshop in Oldenburg, Germany,...

Key points from OECD’s 2011 ‘Education at a Glance’

OECD (2011) Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators Paris: OECD For those of you interested in educational statistics (and for masochists in general), here's your...

New book on virtual campuses worldwide

Schreurs, B. (ed.) (2010) Reviewing the Virtual Campus Phenomenon Heverlee Belgium: Europace This book is essential reading for any student wishing to do research on...

JISC analysis of global activity in e-learning in higher education

MindSet Research (2009) Understanding Global Activity in Higher Education and Research: Primary, desk and web-based research Bristol UK: JISC This study was commissioned by the...

The status of e-learning at German higher education institutions

Kerres, M. and Nubel, I. (2005) ‘The status of e-learning at German higher education institutions’ in Dittler, U., Kahler, H., Kindt., M. and Schwarz,...