My web site focuses primarily on post-secondary education, and because of the volume of articles in the k-12/school sector, I rarely post articles about this sector.

However, eSchool News provides a useful collection of articles each week through its Online Educational Resource Centre. There are often articles here that would also be of interest to post-secondary education readers. This week’s includes:

Project-based learning engages students, garners results

Technology empowers differentiated instruction

Report: Reinvent schools for the digital age

Tech giants vow to change global assessments

HP grants aim to redesign college engineering

How to infuse 21st-century skills into English classes

Seven skills students desperately need

Ten ways to boost learning with technology

School leaders: Focus on new-age skills

Program helps educators teach digital-age skills

New resource helps teach 21st-century skills in social studies classes

These are all magazine-type articles, rather than research-based, but still worth reading.


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