Re.ViCa is a project funded by the European Commission. It is doing a review of Virtual Campuses all over Europe. As part of this project, and to disseminate its results, Re.Vica has created a wiki (

Extract from the wiki:

The Re.ViCa wiki has been set up to provide an inventory and to show the results of a systematic review of Virtual Campus initiatives of the past decade within higher education throughout the world. In this wiki you will find a list of more than 300 interesting Programmes, all of which have been categorised. All programmes are listed based on the interesting or innovative eLearning approach they have taken. We have listed a significant number of relevant initiatives varying greatly in terms of size, type of student, country of origin etc. You will also find Country reports, describing the educational context and ways in which decision-makers in these countries have taken steps to address changes brought about due to the emergence of the Information Society. The wiki also contains 9 in-depth Institutional reports and a large number of related Resources. We have collected and described relevant research projects, outputs, and publications, and provide a list of experts in the field of Virtual Campuses. Some pages are protected, but most are open and await your contributions. Do you know an interesting Virtual Campus or do you want to provide information about your country? Please log in and help us to sustain this wiki, as a large and dynamic inventory of Virtual Campuses!

Content Index

  1. Historical overview
  2. Definitions of virtual campus
  3. An Inventory of virtual campuses across the world
    1. Programmes of interest to Virtual Campus analysts
    2. Country reports + Country template for authors and Countries of relevance
    3. Institutional reports (Includes the case studies)
    4. Theoretical Categorization
  4. Critical Success Factors
  5. Resources
  6. Glossary of terms and Abbreviations
  7. Project description
  8. International Advisory Committee, People in the project and other relevant Experts
  9. List of all Categories – countries, case studies, etc
  10. Copyrights

This wiki should prove an invaluable resource for students researching online organizations and initiatives.



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