The latest edition of the Journal of Learning Design is now available.
From the editorial:
This issue presents six papers from a wide range of disciplines and locations..... The papers in this issue fit loosely into three categories that move from the macro in considering whole curriculum or course design, through to finer levels of evaluating teaching and learning materials, to end with the micro decisions made in the selection of teaching methods or technologies to support those methods. 



Measuring Course Learning Outcomes 1-9
Mohsen Keshavarz of University of Tehran, IRAN
Full Paper

Leading Learning Design: Investigating Program Leaders Initial Conceptions Of Graduate Attributes 10-20
Kylie Readman of University of the Sunshine Coast, AUSTRALIA
Full Paper

Course Cohesion: An Elusive Goal For Tertiary Education  21-30
Nan Bahr and Margaret Lloyd of Queensland University of Education, AUSTRALIA 
Full Paper

Evaluation Of Learning Materials – A Holistic Framework 31-44
Jeppe Bundsgaard of Aarhus University and Thomas Hansen of University College Lillebaelt, DENMARK
Full Paper

Blended Learning Using Role-Plays, Wikis And Blogs  45-55
Michele Ruyters and Kathy Douglas of RMIT University, and Siew Fang Law of Victoria University, AUSTRALIA
Full Paper

Nobody Says No: Student Self-Censorship In A Collaborative Knowledge Building Activity 56-68
Alan Roberts and Rod Nason of Queensland University of Technology, AUSTRALIA
Full Paper


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