Friday, September 29, 2023

An online app for indigenous language users: Lakota

Press Pool (2019) Breakthrough app to allow for online learning of Lakota Indian Country Today November 21 I was intrigued by this announcement, for a...

Woolf University: the Airbnb of higher education or a sheep in wolf’s clothing?

Broggi, J.D. et al. (2018) Building the first blockchain university, Oxford UK, April 3 You are going to hear a lot about Woolf University over...

Pedagogical roles for audio in online learning

'Sounds, such as the noise of certain machinery, or the background hum of daily life, have an associative as well as a pure meaning,...

75 Free Language Learning Resources Online

This site from ZenCollegeLife lists 75 resources for learning languages online. I can't guarantee the quality, though.

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Dr. Tony Bates is the author of eleven books in the field of online learning and distance education. He has provided consulting services specializing in training in the planning and management of online learning and distance education, working with over 40 organizations in 25 countries. Tony is a Research Associate with Contact North | Contact Nord, Ontario’s Distance Education & Training Network.