Mark Bullen, the editor of JDE

And to complete a heavy week of reading, the Journal of Distance Education, Vol, 25, No. 3 is now available at  with four articles and more to come. JDE is the only DE journal that uses a continuous publishing model.

Dual Perspectives on the Contribution of On-Site Facilitators to Teaching Presence in a Blended Learning Environment
Claire de la Varre, Julie Keane, Matthew J. Irvin
Un campus virtuel au service d’une formation hybride : une approche par la théorie de la sociologie de l’innovation
Jean-Pierre Noblet
Exploring the effects of including students’ ideas and concerns on their participation in online groups
Ahmed Bawa Kuyini
Team Trust in Online Education: Assessing and Comparing Team-member Trust in Online Teams Vs Face-to-Face Teams
Margaret Marie Beranek, Monique French

Again, I will select what I consider to be the most interesting articles for later review.


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