Image: Attention FWD

Rosen, K. (2020) 2020: Lost Year of Schooling or Year One in a New Era of Education? Attention FWD, November 12

I found this an interesting look at the direction that online learning could well be taking over the next few years. I was one of the people interviewed for this article, but I was particularly interested in the many online examples given in this report.

Attention FWD is a publication of Attention Span Media, a U.S. ‘future-focused’ consultancy company. They are not specialists in education but look at developing trends in a wide range of areas, from sports to health to food.

As with most future-looking articles from the USA, it is a little breathless and enthusiastic, but it does focus well on what I call the affordances of video and virtual reality, and also emphasises possible alternative routes to higher education than the traditional college or university. It might be food for thought for colleagues still resisting the move to online learning, from an agency outside the education system.


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