Image: CNBC, 2019

Following on from my post yesterday about the lack of training for k-12 teachers in how to teach online during the pandemic, I am pleased to direct anyone interested to a new set of six course modules called Learning to Teach Online. These have been developed by Dr. Michelle Schira Hagerman and Dr. Hugh Kellam from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education and are available for free as open educational resources. I am so pleased to see these being made available in this format.

The six modules are as follows:

  • Relationships are Everything
  • Equity and Accessibility: The Foundations for Good Online Course Design
  • Planning, Pedagogies and Learning Management Systems: The Nuts and Bolts of Online Teaching
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Online Courses
  • Establishing and Modelling Norms in Online Courses
  • Meeting Standards of Practice in an Online Practicum

I have argued that all school teachers now need to know the basic minimum about how to teach online. If you have suddenly been thrown an online class or online students, these modules are a very quick and easy way to get up to speed.

However, in the long run, I do recommend that school teachers go for a more formal qualification, such as the Master in Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia. Online learning is not going to go away, even, or especially, in the k-12 system, so you might as well learn to do it well.


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