The latest issue of “Journal of Educational Technology & Society” is now available on the ETS Journal Web Site.

This issue contains 12 selected papers from the International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, in the areas of personalized educational systems, computer supported collaborative and social learning and the new generation of educational technologies. In addition there are 18 more full length articles. However, the order of the articles does not appeared to be structured around the three themes.

It seems we are getting more and more publications, and less and less organization, in e-learning journals. Why can’t articles be more easily categorized and arranged so that when we do searches on a particular topic, we can find easily what we are looking for?

Despite my grumble, there are some very interesting papers in this edition. I just don’t have time though to read them all!


  1. Yes. And why can’t they have RSS feeds with links directly to articles, so we don’t have to hunt all over the internet for the articles.

    And why can’t they be open access. I mean, this is 2010 – it’s time, now.


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