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Six priorities for Canadian e-learning in 2010

Summary of my priorities 1. A requirement for all newly appointed full-time instructors in public Canadian post-secondary educational institutions to have a formal certification in...

Aggressive Plan for State Data Systems

Lederman, D. (2009) Aggressive Plan for State Data Systems Inside Higher Education, September 28 This article discusses moves by the U.S. Congress and Senate to...

Educause’s Top Ten Issues in IT

Agee, A. et al. (2009) Top-Ten IT Issues, 2009 Educause Review, Vol. 44, No. 3 Based on a survey of 554 (responding) EDUCAUSE members, mainly...

Authenticating distance education students

Parry, M. (2009) Online Educators Won't Have to Spy on Students, New Rules Say Chronicle of Higher Education June 3 My first reaction to this...

Identity management at UBC

The e-strategy editorial board (2009) 'Unmasking your identity at UBC' UBC e-strategy Newsletter, February A very clear description of the need for and benefits of...