Painting of a cat
See Chat GPT’s Ode to a Pussy Cat Image: Tony Bates

Davis, V. (2023) Is AI the New Homework Machine? Understanding AI and Its Impact on Higher Education WCET Frontiers January 5

This is an excellent introduction both to artificial intelligence and its likely impact on teaching in higher education, but also to how large language models such as ChatGPT work.

In particular, as well as definitions, Davis provides an example of a poem about cats in iambic pentameter produced by ChatGPT (which all cat lovers such as myself will be impressed by) and of particular value, suggestions about what instructors can do right now from John Warner’s recent Inside Higher Ed blog, “Freaking Out About ChatGPT—Part I.”

WCET will be researching and sharing resources on AI and its impact on higher education, specifically how large language models such as ChatGPT may change how we evaluate student experiences, learning, and success. In coming months, WCET will do a number of deeper dives on AI and higher education including a Frontiers Podcast episode, a February brief that explores selected AI tools, several blog posts on AI’s impact on pedagogical practices, what a new digital literacy in the age of AI might look like, and the equity implications of large language model AI, as well as a summer white paper that will do a deeper dive on the pedagogical and policy implications of AI.

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