Daedalus: a curriculum mapping tool from Dalhousie University. Curriculum mapping will be essential for the development of intellectual skills across a program

If you have 15 minutes to spare, take a look at a (virtual) presentation I made to the University of Kent in the UK last week.

In it, I argue that the five most important trends in higher education post-Covid-19 will be:

  1. The integration of digital and face-to-face teaching (blended learning)
  2. An increase in the proportion of lifelong learners, who will require more flexible delivery methods
  3. Identifying the unique affordances of face-to-face and online learning in different subject disciplines, so instructors can focus on what each does best
  4. More concrete and planned approaches to developing lifelong intellectual skills, such as critical thinking and knowledge management, throughout a program, rather than the current focus on content presentation
  5. The growth of microcredentials, but probably mainly outside the higher education system

There were also eight other presenters, including Helen Beetham (U of Wolverhampton), Maha Bali (American University of Cairo), Sean Prior (FutureLearn), Jonathan Baldwin (Jisc), Shigeru Miyagawa (MIT), all of whom had 10-15 minutes to get over their main ideas on ‘What will HE look like once the pandemic is over?’. If these become publicly available I will let you know.


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