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  1. […] Research Associate and online learning specialist, Dr. Tony Bates, has released his fourth annual predictions for how online learning will change in 2013 based on the Canadian education […]

  2. Clayton R. Wright
    January 11, 2013 - 2:57 am

    Tony, I sincerely appreciate you looking over the horizon to see what may lay ahead. Based on the information we have, information provided by experts like you, and our professional hunches, we plan and allocate resources.

    I do agree that online and hybrid learning will become a significant part of an institution’s core operation within the next few years. And this might be due to the emergence of MOOCs. It has been a long time since the media has been stirred to discuss educational delivery, curriculum, pedagogy/andragogy, costs, quality, plagiarism, accreditation, and online education all in the same breath. The media has not just put a spotlight on MOOCs, but also on online delivery which, as you say, has been around for at least 18 years. Only recently, due to the discussion of MOOCs, have many realized the growing importance and possibilities of online education.

    The “prediction” that is most doable and therefore more likely to occur is the production and use of open textbooks (unless publishers have their sway with politicians). Although, it would be helpful if governments or charitable organizations provide additional funding to support this, motivated instructors can connect with their colleagues within and across institutions to develop materials that can be used by students who take the same course within and/or at several institutions. They don’t have to create an entire textbook all at once; they can do it one chapter at a time with the help of existing institutional personnel such as instructional designers, graphic/media artists, and editors. I think that it was Stephen Downes who said on the OER Forum (and I stand to be corrected) that to produce open educational resources (OERs), all one needs are people who are willing to share what they produce. I think the same applies to open textbooks – people willing to work together and share what they produce. But, policy could act as a motivational device.

    Like you, I find Audrey Watters’ work insightful. She did a great job of discussing the events of 2012 and I wonder what she might forecast for 2013.

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  5. […] only is he in a position to make predictions, but also that it is necessary. In a follow-up blog “Outlook for online learning in 2013: online learning comes of age” Bates then continues to make a number of predictions such […]

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    February 1, 2013 - 6:11 pm

    […] didn’t expect one of my 2013 predictions to happen so soon – see ’10. Expect the […]

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  9. Craig McAllister
    June 28, 2013 - 1:28 pm

    “where do you see online learning going in 2013?”

    Well, it might not be in 2013, but I see the use of live video avatars in virtual world education as a potential online learning game changer. Virtual classrooms and virtual study groups with live video avatars in real time could bridge the face to face personal connection gap. Each user in a virtual world would be able to see and be seen as a live streaming video avatar in real time. This heightened sense of presence and realism would facilitate more effective instruction and social networking. This would allow each online student to connect to and feel present in a real school type atmosphere and educational community, as well as establish “real time” face-to-face relationships with other classmates, as well as with their respective teachers. I am talking about something like this:

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  11. […] Bates, T. (2013). Outlook for online learning in 2013: Online learning comes of age. Online             Learning and Distance Education Resources. Retrieved from […]

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