Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Better than a MOOC? Free online vocational training

Bornstein, D. (2012) Open education for a global economy New York Times, July 11 I wrote earlier about ALISON, the world's largest supplier of free...

New infographic on MOOCs

Onlinecolleges has developed a new infographic on MOOCs. To see the full-size image click here

Is online learning really cracking open the public post-secondary system?

I suspect that I'm not the only one who has been 'disengaged' from the online world of online learning for the past few weeks,...

Nine steps to quality online learning: Step 8: Communicate, communicate, communicate

© Care2, 2012In this post I stress the importance of ongoing, continuing communication between instructor and students in an online environment, and in particular...

Nine steps to quality online learning: Step 7: Design course structure and learning activities

In this post the importance of providing students with a structure for learning online and setting appropriate learning activities is discussed. Indeed, I will...

Why learning management systems are not going away

Contact North has just published online a series of six short papers (10-12 pages) under the title of Learning Management Systems: Disruptive Developments, Alternative Options...

Discussion of MOOCs: more links and questions

Rodriguez, O. (2012) Vast Lurker and No-lurker Participation in Open Online Courses: MOCCs and the AI Stanford-like courses respectively Osvaldo Rodriguez, March 3 Siemens, G....

More reflections on MOOCs and MITx

© Dave Cormier Downes, S. (2012) What a MOOC Does - #Change 11 Half and Hour, March 1 An overly simplified version of the discussion so...

Some critical reflections on MOOCs

Quinn, C. (2012) MOOC reflections, Learnlets, February 29 Clark Quinn has some interesting comments about MOOCs in this post. He compares the Siemens/Downes Change 2011...

Will MITx work?

Coughlin, S. (2012) MIT launches free online 'fully automated' course, BBC News, February 13 This article provides details of MITx's first course, 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics,...