Thursday, September 24, 2020

Using virtual reality to study interactive molecular dynamics

Morales, A. (2018) How Virtual Reality Can Change The Way We See Our Molecular World, Forbes, 25 July O'Connor, M. et al. (2018) Sampling molecular conformations...

Is networked learning experiential learning?

Image: © Justin Grimes, The Guardian, 2013 Campbell, G. (2016) Networked learning as experiential learning Educause Review, Vol. 51 No. 1, January 11 This is an...

About Tony Bates

Dr. Tony Bates is the author of eleven books in the field of online learning and distance education. He has provided consulting services specializing in training in the planning and management of online learning and distance education, working with over 40 organizations in 25 countries. Tony is a Research Associate with Contact North | Contact Nord, Ontario’s Distance Education & Training Network.