Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Five free keynotes on online learning for streaming into virtual conferences

Sleepless nights and global learning I received many requests last year to deliver keynotes into virtual conferences. These requests came from all around the world....

Online learning in (k-12) schools: 7. Advice for decision-makers

This is the seventh and last in a series of posts on online learning in the (k-12) school sector. The first is: What needs to be...

How to address the skills agenda in higher education: a German perspective

Ehlers, U-D. (2020) Future Skills: the future of learning and higher education Karlsruhe, Germany: Herstellung und Verlag, pp. 311 What is this book about? This free,...

Developing digital literacy for a digital world: a Québec report

Conseil supérieur de l’éducation (2020). Éduquer au numérique, Rapport sur l’état et les besoins de l’éducation 2018-2020, Québec, Le Conseil, 96 p. In November, in...