Selected Bibliography by Topic


I have developed my own classification system as I have built up my collection of papers and articles on e-learning and distance education. The classification system is based on a map of research into e-learning that I developed when working at the Open University of Catalonia then later adapted for students at the Universidad de Guadalajara. I apologise if this tramples across library classification systems. Sometimes the same reference will appear under different headings.

Wherever possible, I have provided a link to enable you to download a paper of interest. Where no link is provided, I’m afraid you will have to visit a library or subscribe to a journal.

Students – please note This is NOT a comprehensive list of the best publications on e-learning, even within a particular sub-category. I chose each of these studies to fulfill a particular purpose, sometimes just because the references were useful. You should use this as a starter, but you will need in most cases to supplement your studies with readings and studies from other sources.

As you will see, this is a work in progress. I am constantly adding to this list, and many sub-categories are still to be opened. It will be worth checking back once a month if you think this site can be helpful to you.

General publications

Strategies, planning and management

Teaching and learning