The second edition of Teaching in a Digital Age is now available at

The first edition was published in 2015. The second edition is an update on the first edition. The main message, structure and content of the book, despite the revisions and updates, remain largely unchanged.

However the second edition includes:

  • new sections on:
    • serious games
    • virtual/augmented reality
    • artificial intelligence
    • open pedagogy
    • Dr. Reuben Peuntedura’s SAMR model
  • some changes in the text to accommodate results from relevant research publications since 2014
  • all urls are operational at the time of publication (many in the first edition had either died or moved to another site)
  • all cited publications now have a url, either to an open publication, if possible, or if not, to a source for obtaining the reference
  • more activities added to sections: nearly all sections now have a suggested activity
  • feedback is provided  in the form of short podcasts for many activities
  • I have moved Appendix 1 on effective learning environments to become a new Chapter 6, so there are now 13 chapters instead of 12
  • improvements in layout of graphics and better headings and copy editing
  • all (or nearly all – I may have missed a few) of the changes from the first edition are in green text. This is to assist translators (there are now versions in ten languages), and to support instructors who have used the first edition or parts of it as a set text for their courses.

The first edition will continue to exist for a while to allow instructors time to move over to the second edition.

The changes are based on a great deal of feedback on the first edition. I am particularly indebted to:

  • Naza Djafarova, Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University, for her work on serious games
  • Tannis Morgan, Researcher, Open Education, BCcampus, for her feedback on the draft of the Open Pedagogy section
  • BCcampus for their technical support
  • Contact North for help with marketing and design
  • Olaf Zawicki-Richter and colleagues for their review of artificial intelligence in higher education.

However, I take full responsibility for any errors, omissions or misinterpretations in the text.

I was pleased to see how much of the original version is still or even more relevant today. I plan therefore over the next few weeks to publish in this blog selected excerpts of what I think are some of the key messages in the second edition, including some that are unchanged from the first edition. They will be chosen for their relevance rather than their date.

I still have to update the omnibus bibliography but that should be done within the next couple of weeks. If you find errors or missing links, please let me know.

I hope those who have used the first edition find this new edition helps to keep them current with developments in this fast changing topic. Your comments, or suggestions for further improvement, will be welcome as always.



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